This is some of me, or at least some of my work.

I'm profesionally fullstack in the ways that matter. Technology I use comes second to solving problems. However my active toolkit usually involves python, C, javascript, and bash.

Lately I think about and play with AI models and their tooling quite a bit. Largely for LLM's.

There's the time I worked with the Internet Archive building an updated gifcities using CLIP embeddings.

Search through over 4,000,000 gifs in seconds in suprising detail. This is off the back of zero labeling, simply just using the image data.

Or maybe you'd like my word matching game Similar Squares!

Using word embeddings your guess is matched up against a group of nouns. Try to guess multiple green squares at the same time only using one word, but ya gotta avoid that damn red square.

You may find something more to your liking in my archives.

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