Having an online presence tends to be against my ongoing incentives. The modern internet, like most things, encourages us to behave in ways that are against our best interest. Both individually and as a community.

But for some reason I really wanted to write stuff down, put a song on it, and share it with friends. Which there wasn't an obvious way to do on the many, many, many platforms that already exist.

I had already hosted a static, single page site on github using jekyll, but it was essentially just an excuse to use my cosmetic url lllil.li (a very worthwile ongoing purchase).

The feature list included:

  • an image generated derived from symbols
  • my email crossed out
  • a page for the git commit
  • a 404 page

Well the first change is obvious. We need to modernize:

Next I'd need to structure how exactly I wanted these posts to look and function (And also add a cowboy typing on a computer):

I found simply only using posts a bit frustrating. It's a pretty common practice to just use tags or categories to seperate out functionally different writing, but this leads to the same UI/UX experience for both the reader and writer even when the writing could vary greatly in length and goal.

So I've tried to work out what and why I'm writing as some of the following:

And the best part is — none of it's real.